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Daniela Zralà

Shiatsu Therapist & Teacher


Born in Prague in 1960, graduated as a professional pediatric nurse in 1979.

In 1990 started practicing Shiatsu and completed a diploma with the Shiatsu Oasis Centre in Trento (accredited by R.I.O.S). Continued deepening and developing her practice and clinical experience with the I.R.T.E. Institute of Research and Energy Therapy of Milan (Italy) with the aim of becoming a professional accredited Shiatsu teacher. Currently teaching Shiatsu in the 3 years professional course and is responsible for the I.R.T.E’s branches of Trento and Bolzano.


Has also been working privately since 1996 providing Shiatsu treatments, Yoga groups, auto-shiatsu and shiatsu with adults and children and professional Shiatsu courses. From 2001 to 2008 worked with drug addiction and eating disorders at two of the Therapeutic Communities of Trento using a psyche/body work. Completed a Counseling course with the Il Germoglio Institute of Bolzano and a clinical practice in the palliative care ward in the Saint Maurizio Hospital of Bolzano.


I moved to Stockholm in 2015 and my deepest wish is to work with people and to keep sharing my knowledge and skills in this amazing and never ending journey of human potentiality and developing of mindfulness.


Treatments & classes

Is a energy balancing body treatment based on meridian channels and Cinese medicine system approach.


This is a gentle treatment using pressure and stretching along the meridians to rebalance our energies at both the physical and emotional level. The client lies on a mattress on the floor and can wear comfortable light cotton clothes.


The effect of this treatment is deep relaxation and reconnection with the sensations of our bodies. Shiatsu helps to release pain and tensions caused by stress, posture, life style and can be used in any moment of our life as a therapy or as a prevention. Headaches, chronicle pain, sleep issues, tiredness and distress or emotional pain can be relieved.

Shiatsu lessons:

In Stockholm are available different levels of courses. You can start to know Shiatsu as a wonderful technique of mindfulness without ambition to become a therapist or you can learn a new profession or to develop even more knowledge you might already have.


We are providing

  • Introductory Courses ( one weekend)

  • Basic Course (three weekends)

  • Three years professional training course.


I.R.T.E. school is one the oldest Italian Shiatsu schools, since 1979 we are organizing high level education and the school developed a unique methodology of teaching and of approaching Shiatsu treatment

All our courses are in english or Italian language.


book a session or contact me just for information


the next running

course is:

" The body is your temple.
Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in."
–B.K.S Iyengar


Meridian Yoga

Meridian Yoga artfully blends ancient and modern techniques that activate and balance the body’s meridian pathways, releasing blocked energy and bringing us into a profound connection with life.

Yoga poses for the Masunaga main meridians,improv the health and functioning of the associated organs

 Breathing exercises (pranayama) to contact and activate Prana.

 Simple autoshiatsu sequences to open the energy channels.


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Tel: 0046 737 355804

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